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sustainable design

organic practices
organic seeds, companion planting, no chemicals, low miles urban fresh food

water harvesting
stormwater capture, rain collection to tanks, mulch 
& moisture retention

waste reduction composting, worm farms, local green waste collection

solar collection systems solar powered pumps to move collected water & composts tumblers

local food production

a small footprint  inner suburb space where fresh organic food- veggies, herbs,fruit and flowers can be grown & harvested to build local food resources

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Each year new members join,
some retire, and plots become

available.  Read more about
becoming a sustainable gardener and download an application here.   


our committee

President - Lee Nicholls

Secretary  & VP- Rob Joyner

Treasurer - Richard Harper

Member - Maree Mann

Member - Jane Major

Member - David Prieto


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CELEBRATING 10 years  - planted 2009
growing a greener, healthier community

what's happening in the garden - news & events

Spring has arrived as temperatures rise the wind picks up and rain is
still sporadic...
so now is the time to keep the watering up, get your plot composted and planted for new growth.  See our proven  "planting guides"
and maintenance tips in our  "How to' section for November & December to
keep your garden looking lush and tasting delicious.

Celebrating 10 years of GROWTH... this month 60 of our gardeners and
friends sat down around a very long table down the centre of our lush garden
to celebrate the first decade of the Paddington Community Garden over a "Big Fat Greek Lunch".  Lots of hard work, inspiring leadership and friendship have gone into making this a successful community space.  As usual the teams of volunteers put together something special to mark this milestone.  Champagne in the pergola to start, classic entrees of Dolmades, Tzatziki & bread, followed
by oodles of BBQ Lamb and Rosemary, roast chickens, salads extraordinaire, honeyed sweets and a few glasses of cold liquids, resulting in that very full feeling...  satisfaction that we have celebrated well.  In fact the garden has been so successful in building a reputation we now have a wait list... see more below.


New Gardeners WAIT LIST.  Now in our 11th year demand to join our band
of over 53 gardeners continues to grow.  It's become so popular we have no available places at the moment, and a waiting list of enthusiastic would-be green fingered friends has reached max length.  Reluctantly we have decided not to take further applications until next year to give those on the wait list
a chance of coming on board this year.  Please do check in our joining page
(link in the left margin of this homepage) in June 2020.


Top TIPS...  a number of our gardeners have shared their experiences and insights with a series of short workshop at our monthly meetings.  Here's 2 to enjoy; Rob shares his hard learned lessons on successfully growing tomatoes (there's also a link to a segment on ABC's Gardening Australia for even more tips from Tino in Tasmania) and Djo gives us a unique perspective on lunar planting... moon fans click here.

My Garden Rules!'... new recipes from the gardeners. The organic produce that grows in our community garden goes into delicious healthy meals... our talented gardeners share some of their favourite veggie recipes right here.  


Sample David's 'Healthy Veggie Balls"... if you have lots of Silverbeet, or other spinach, and you'd like to do something different here's a way to make some great comfort food, inspired by the Italians, or maybe the Spanish in David's case.  Based on Strangolapreti alla Trentina here's the link...


Or... enjoy Djo's 'Ratatoueille a la Francias' recipe... eggplants are easy to enjoy warm with meats, salads, BBQed, and so delish!  Visit our recipes page (just below "Gallery" in the top banner) and start enjoying your Aubergine harvest more.            

events coming up


Next Garden Meeting and CHRISTMAS PARTY
Sunday Nov 24th ... the meeting starts at 4pm, the party shortly after.
Our next monthly get together to share team reports and ideas is on again, but will also celebrate a big growth year for our community garden with a Christmas Event... this years challenge is to come dressed as something beginning with "E"... economist, elephant, Egpytian, ecologist, eco-something, eggplant, elegant... let your imagination run.  As day lengths grow and rain has been scarce your plot may be stressed so keep up the water and some tender care... see our "planting guides and maintenance tips in our 'How to' section for November to make the most of your harvest.


Of course there will be a meal to share after the meeting so bring a plate of delicious goodies to share and a favourite bottle.  What a great year... so join in the spirit.  See you in the garden.

workshops coming up


Understanding Wormfarming -
DATE to be advised run by
Woollahra Council staff

This course shows how easy it is to reduce household waste through the art
of composting and worm farming. Learn how to turn you organic waste into food for your garden using a worm farm. Topics covered include: principles of worm farming, troubleshooting, how to use compost and worm castings; and the environmental benefits of worm farming. 


our gardeners recent instagram pics below