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This is a resources and tools centre to help build knowledge, provide tips on where to start, how to grow
better and different things, understand the principles of organic and sustainble growing techniques, and more. From creating your first batch of compost, building your first plot and planting out seedlings, to experimenting in our asian herbs plot.  
Start here, dig deeper.

planting guide - what & when

Learn from our experienced gardeners what works best, when. Soil cultivation, planting, maintenance and harvesting tips, month by month, and watch your yeilds grow... 

raise seeds

Some tips on raising seeds, planting out seedlings, when and where, tools and techniques to get those seeds shooting and well underway.  Start here, add water 

grow organically

Sustainable solutions for urban food production imply the need for organic methods.  Soil health is the most importanrt factor... learn more  

control pests

The aim of organic pest management is to reduce damage.  It is not possible to totally eradicate all pests and disease.      more


produce compost

Composting turns our kitchen and garden wastes into plant food. It avoids the need to buy fertilzer, saves money and reduces landfill.  Find out how to start here


establish a "no dig" garden​

This garden concept harnesses the power
of composting, water retention, and organic principles to provide a compact fertile plot that's great for veggies, crops & flowers.        
                                                   more here

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