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How to become a member


Membership is open to all. It doesn't matter if you have no gardening
experience – you can learn as you go. If you are an experienced gardener we welcome your knowledge. To be a member there is a $50 annual fee and you
must contribute an average of 1 hour per week on communal tasks in the garden. 


Due to GROWING demand the garden membership now has a waiting list
and will RE-OPEN on July 1st, 2020     We are sorry for this delay. 
Perhaps this amazing garden is too successful as we reach our 10th year?  We think it's people becoming more garden aware in our ever growing stressed city.


You can apply to be placed on our waiting list by filling out the
Expression of Interest form hand delivering it to the letterbox at the
Paddington Community Garden, Quarry Street , Paddington in JULY 2020.

You can download from June 1st next year in 2020.  The form link will here then



When there is a vacancy we will contact you to come to the garden to gain some new skills and get to know other members. You will need to attend 2 working bees and 2 workshops on composting/worm farming and organic and no dig gardening as part of your 'gardeners apprenticeship'.


At these workshops a member of the committee will give you a membership application form.  Your completed application will then be reviewed by the committee at their next meeting.


Communal tasks  

Communal tasks are shared amongst all garden members. There are many tasks that need doing –  a list will be posted at the garden. There will be no cost for communal work as the Association will purchase all seeds, plants etc. and the produce will be shared by all at the garden.  


a) You could choose to be responsible for a communal garden area such as the citrus orchard or the tropical zone -  looking after the planting, watering, mulching, pruning and more.

b) You might decide to work with a group on a team plot to grow rotating seasonal crops.  A group leader will co-ordinate the plot activities. 

c) You may have other skills to contribute, such as construction, web design, PR
or cooking say.  Pleasejoin in this enthusiastic community. 


Individual plots

If you have more time an additional option is an individual plot. The cost of a
plot is $100.00 per annum.  Plots are approximately 4m x 1.5m in area.


a) individual – 1 person works the plot and retains the produce. 

b) shared – up to 4 people share the cost, work and the produce of the plot,
we can find you someone to share with you if necessary.



Individual plots are currently fully allocated.  A waiting list is retained
and 'interested future members' are notified when these become available.


Individual plot holders are responsible for their own compost, mulch, seeds, watering, pruning, weed and pest control.