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No-dig gardens made easy

A 'no dig' garden is an efficient system for urban gardens  with limited space

A 'no dig' garden can be established in just a couple of hours using a layering technique to build
up healthy soil with moisture and nutrient retaining organic matter.  Here are the principles:


1.  To provide a weed barrier - start with a 6mm barrier of wet newspaper to completely cover
area, overlapping to exclude all light.


2.  Next the nitrogen layer eg., green garden clippings, leaves + a sprinkling of compost and/or manure.


3.  Then the carbon layer of hay, straw, brown leaves, dry grass.


Keep layering as in the two points above until about  you reach a height/depth of about 1 metre. Finish with a top layer of mulch to retain moisture and reduce weed growth. Allow to settle for 2 weeks before planting.


Planting - make small holes in the mulch, fill with compost and plant the seedling or seed into this. Keep well watered and top up the mulch.

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