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seed to get them shooting up  


Direct planting

Large seeds  can be directly sown in plots.

Small seeds may be sown direct if the soil will hold moisture and is fine enough .

Sow each seed 2  times as deep as its diameter.. gently press down the soil over the seed. Water.


Seedraising mix

½ moisture holding material – coconut fibre,aged cow manure

½  drainage material - pearlite or river sand

+ a handful of sieved mature compost



Fill box, level and water.
Pat to smooth surface.
Scatter the seeds on finely.
Pat down.

Cover with a thin layer of mixture (twice diameter of seed).  
Water with fine spray.

Label box with variety and date.

Cover box with plastic to retain moiture.
Keep in shade.


Some tools

Milk containers - cut the tops and bottoms out. These make excellent
seedling containers and can be transplanted without disturbing the roots.

Soft drink bottles - cut these in half to make mini greenhouses.


When to plant

Seedlings can be planted into the garden when they are about 4cm tall and
have developed their second set of leaves.


Hardening off

Seedlings are usually grown in a sheltered, protected environment. They need
to be hardened off so they will suffer less shock when they go into the ground. Before they are planted in the garden, leave them for 2 or 3 days in  a place with similar conditions to where they will be planted.


Planting out

Avoid planting out on hot and windy times of day, as the plants will dry out quickly. Dawn or dusk of an overcast day when rain looks likely is ideal.


Push aside any mulch and make a hole( larger than the pot) with a hand trowel or fork. Fill in the bottom of the hole with is best not to disturb the roots of the plant. Squeeze the pot gently to loosen the soil, then slide the plant out. If you are using a bottomless pot, place it directly in the hole. Fill in with compost or soil and fim in gently. Water in well and keep watered for the first few days.


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