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Planting Guides - month by month - follow these proven tips  




Nurture your soil

Compost and fertilise plots and drip lines of fruit trees. Lime paw paws.

Follow up with a good watering and mulch

Liquid manure to encourage flowering.

Plant care

Crop rotation Spring/Summer:

Root – Sow direct - beetroot (8-10 weeks), carrots (10 weeks), parsnip (14 weeks), parsley

Allium – leeks (16-32 weeks),spring onions, shallots ( 12-15 weeks) 

Sow direct or in seed trays:

 weeks)- Sow direct or in seed trays

Solanaceous – aubergine( 3 months), capsicum (12 weeks), chilli, tomatoes (9-17

Legumes – snake, bush and climbing beans  (8-11 weeks) Sow direct or in milk pots

Leaf– lettuce, silver beet (3-4 weeks)

Sow direct and/or in seed trays

Cucurbits –zucchini ( 6 weeks)

cucumber ( 8 weeks) melons (10-14 weeks) pumpkins (15-20 weeks)

Sow direct or in milk pots 

Corn  (11-15 weeks)

Herbs – divide lemon balm, marjoram, mint, tarragon, thyme

Plant seedlings:

Leaf – lettuce, silver beet

Root – beetroot

Allium – shallots, onions

Solanaceous –aubergine

Herbs – basil, coriander, dill, parsley, sage


Tubers -Jerusalem artichokes, seed potatoes

Runners – strawberries



Finish planting and pruning fruit trees to encourage new growth.

Trim old growth of perennial herbs to maintain shape.

Remove slugs and snails. Set up snail traps

Spray citrus with white oil to combat scale

Erect supports for beans

Strawberries  - tidy, remove dead, damaged and diseased leaves and old runners.

Water deeply rather than frequent light watering.



Asparagus, beetroot, broad beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower,  carrots, celery, leeks, lettuce, parsnips, peas, radish,  shallots, spinach, silver beet. Herbs and leaves


TIPS   Medicinal uses for herbs

Bay – anorexia, digestive disorders, skin diseases, rheumatic complaints

Lavender – cardiac complaints, circulatory insufficiency, migraine, nervousness, neuralgia, exhaustion, sleeplessness

Marjoram – coughs, inflamation of the mouth, sore throat, indigestion

Parsley - inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, digestive disorders

Rosemary  - low blood pressure, weakness and exhaustion, circulatory disorders, nervous and heart complaints, indigestion, rheumatic and neuralgic complaints

Sage – sore throat, inflammation of the mouth, hoarseness, smoker's cough

Thyme – bronchitis, whooping cough, chills and colds, hoarseness,  digestive disorders

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