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Planting Guides - month by month - follow these proven tips  



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Nurture your soil

Top up cow manure and mulch well to insulate soil and retain moisture.
Worm farms - check for moisture level food supply and protect from heat
– shred newspaper and cover with wet hessian.
Compost – fill and stir bins Liquid manure on leaf veggies and citrus.


Plant care

Transplant seedlings in early morning or evening preferably on an overcast day. Provide shade in hot weather.  Legumes - Snake beans are less attractive to pests Leaf - lettuce, silverbeet.  Cucurbits - cucumbers, zucchini Root - beetroot, carrots, parsnip, shallots etc - corn, ginger, rhubarb, sunflower.



Deep water soil not leaves - particularly cucurbits and tomatoes. Stake and tie up tomatoes and beans. Check plants for pests Aubergine - bad ladybirds - squash Tomatoes - remove diseased fruits Citrus - prune dead and damaged branche.



This month is great for - aubergine, beans, beetroot, capsicum, carrots, corn, cucumber, lettuce, melons, pumpkins, radish, rocket, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini.  Herbs – basil, garlic chives, kaffir lime leaves, mint, parsley, sage, tarragon, thyme,  & vietnamese mint.



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